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APPL Labs, Clovis, CA

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Marks Bloxom Architects, Inc.
SIZE: 20,000 sq. ft.

Structural Systems

Panelized Rood System w/
Cantilevered Gluman Beams
Concrete Masonry Shear Walls
Wood framed Second Floor



Project Details

Located in the new Technology Center of Clovis, California, this state of the art laboratory facility provides analytical services of waste water, solid waste & drinking water for various agricultural, civic and public clientele. Among the various program requirements for the laboratory environment of this project, the architectural design called for a generous amount of windows to bathe the interior spaces in natural light without compromising efficient use of the workspace within. To achieve this, a 4500 sq. ft. clerestory roof and continuous overhead ribbon windows line the exterior walls of the building.

This program presented a unique structural challenge to provide efficient lateral stability for the large, open floor plan in an economic and aesthetically pleasing manner. It was solved by the use of several tall, slender cantilevered concrete masonry shear piers to maximize redundancy and minimize visual impact on the structure. Keeping economy in mind, wood shear walls were used where easily accommodated within the plan to further minimize structural cost and impact upon the workspace of the facility.

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