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Baz Office Building, Visalia, CA

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Baz Office Building

T2 Architects, Inc.
SIZE: 14,000 sq. ft.

Structural Systems

Trussed Roof over Glulman Roof Beams
Wood Joist over Steel Floor Beams
Exterior Perforated Wood Shear Walls



Project Details

With an architectural design blending Spanish style with efficient use of space on a confined site, the configuration of this building provided several opportunities to realize the benefits of a well engineered framing system. Tailored to maximize use of exterior walls for structural support, the framing system of this two-story wood framed building had minimal interior structure to allow unrestricted use of interior lease space. Among the various challenges presented by the layout of the building, the stair-stepped configuration of the northwest corner was fully incorporated into the lateral system via collectors to increase redundancy and reduce load to individual shear walls.

Accommodating the generous use of windows, several portions of the exterior walls were analyzed as perforated shear walls to increase the efficiency of the exterior shear wall system, minimizing overturning forces and subsequent foundations required to accommodate the lateral load of the structure. Implementing the company standard for a high level of project specific details provided for a hassle free construction process with minimal field corrections or requests for additional information.

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