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Cypress Center Retail Development, Monterey, CA

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Cypress Center

Wald Rhunke & Dost Architect
SIZE: 22,000 sq. ft.

Structural Systems

Wood Framed Structure
CMU Retaining Wall
Steel Rigid Frames
Wood Shear Walls



Project Details

Designed to accommodate a terraced site, this split level structure provides 12,250 sq. ft of lease space in the upper single story level and 9,750 sq. ft. of space in the lower two story level. The design program required a structurally open floor plan for optimum lease space flexibility along with a generous use of glass along the public elevations of the structure. To achieve this, a dual system lateral design was utilized consisting of steel rigid frames, designed in accordance with FEMA 350 specifications, at all open areas with wood framed shear walls where permissible to maintain construction cost economy.

As a Spanish Style structure, the exterior elevations and prime lease spaces of the structure where designed using exposed heavy timber construction. Specific attention was given to framing configurations and connection detailing to maintain an architecturally pleasing aesthetic of all exposed portions of the structure in strict coordination with the designer’s preferences and intent.

This experience was gained as an Associate of another firm in direct control of structural design and construction administration from start to finish.

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