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Niner Wine Estates, Paso Robles, CA

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Skyline Structural Engineering | Niner Winery

Niner Wine Estates

Steven D. Pults & Associates
SIZE: 16,000 sq. ft.

Structural Systems

Hospitality Building:
Insulated Concrete Walls
Heavy Timber Trussed Roof
Wood framed Second Floor

Boutique Winery
Insulated Concrete Walls,
Steel Trussed Roof,
Steel Braced Frame


Project Details

Nestled in the valley below Heart Hill along Highway 46 West outside of Paso Robles, the Hospitality & Boutique Winery buildings at Niner Wine Estates beckon one to come sample the fine selection of wines made exclusively from estate grown vineyards.  Providing a tasting room, club room, demonstration kitchen along with second floor administration offices and estate living quarters, the Hospitality building is designed as an old world stone barn utilizing an abundance of smooth stone finishes contrasted against natural field stone walls complimented by steep vaulted ceilings of exposed heavy timber trusses and tongue & groove ceilings reminiscent of old world style graced with a touch of refined contemporary elegance.

The adjacent Boutique Winery, set into the hill side, was designed to provide 9000 gallons of fermentation capacity for the crafting of special vintage and reserve estate wines.  Constructed using insulated concrete forms in conjunction with several other green building materials and technologies, this project was built to obtain LEED certification.  Considering the high span to depth ratio of the roof diaphragm and stiffness irregularity of the earth restrained second floor adjacent to the open two story barrel storage room, a braced frame was utilized at the transition of the upper to lower floors to improve the seismic performance of the structure. 

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Skyline Structural Engineering | Niner Winery Skyline Structural Engineering | Niner Winery Skyline Structural Engineering | Niner Winery

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