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William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA

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William Jessup University

The Taylor Group Architects
SIZE: 114,000 sq. ft.

Structural Systems

Academic Bloc
Steel Framed Structures with Concrete Deck & Steel Braced Frames
Living Block
Wood Framed Structures w/ Wood Shear Walls.
Estimated Cost - $17 Million


Project Details

Originally designed by Frank Gehry for Herman Miller Furniture, this award winning facility was purchased and, through this project, renovated into a college campus for William Jessup University. Preserving the exterior metal-skinned facades of the existing buildings, this unique renovation created new individual two story structures within the interior spaces of each existing shell building with “trellised” open air courts via removal of portions of the existing roof decking. The living block provides three dorm buildings, a bookstore and student center while the academic block includes classrooms, the library and administration offices.

In order to economically achieve the design concept of this unique project, each new structure was specifically detailed for seismic isolation from the existing shell buildings. Each of the existing buildings were subsequently analyzed and retrofitted to accommodate the new open air court roof openings under current code requirements to maintain the structural integrity of each existing structure.

This experience was gained as an Associate of another firm in direct control of structural design and construction administration from start to finish.

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